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New Babies are wonderful things! They are a great reminder of God’s love for us.

We at the parish church want to celebrate their arrival with you. At a simple level, if you let us know that your baby has been born we can include prayers of thanks for their safe arrival in one of our morning services. If you would like to join us one Sunday morning we can include a thanksgiving.

A good service to try first is the Family Service. These are less formal than the communion services and all children are very welcome. Some of our parish churches have separate facilities for you to take your baby if they need settling or feeding. If you find yourself comfortable and enjoy being part of the church you might like to look into having them baptised.

If you want to talk about baptism, or just to chat please Contact Us
For an insight into the repsonsibilites of Parents and Godparents please follow this link

A Booklet on Baptism

To down load an application form for a baptism at Gosfield or Greenstead Green please follow this link

A Baptism Application Form

To look at a form of service used please follow this link

A Baptism Service

Being part of Gods family is a wonderful thing. Often we are baptised as children. During this Parents and Godparents make commitments saying they will help us grow up and be part of God’s family. They make promises on our behalf. Increasingly children are not baptised/christened. People discover that they want to be part of God’s family becuase of friends, partners or books they ahve read. Then we might decide to get baptised later in life.

Confirmation and Baptism go together. We are baptised into Christ’s family, the church, and this process is completed at Confirmation. If you are interested in being confirmed talk with one of the ministers and they will tell you more about the steps needed. Or you could have a look at our pages on Alpha and Emmaus which are courses that can lead to confirmation.

In simple terms getting married in a parish church is open to three groups of people.

  • Those who are resident in the parish where the church is located.
  • Persons who have a special link with a parish and could therefore apply for a ‘Special License’
  • Persons who are on the electoral roll of the parish church. (To be on this you must have been part of the worshipping congregation for a period of 6 months or more and fulfil a number of other requirements)

  • If having the marriage ceremony is church is not possible are there any other options?
  • On many occasions it is possible to have a service of blessing following a civil marriage. Again it is best to discuss that with the clergy vicars/priest concerned.

  • What happens if a person has been previously married?
    In each parish, we will happily discuss the possibility of a marriage service with you within the framework developed by the House of Bishops. Details relating to this can be found on the Church of England Web Site http://www.cofe.anglican.org/ perhaps in a section called ‘life events’.

    Want to get married in Gosfield or Greenstead Green? More information can be found here.

    Death of a loved one
    The death of a loved one is always painful. At such difficult times it is the desire of the church family and our ministers to be as supportive as possible. If asked a minister will support the family prior to the death or shortly after .

    On many occasions information will reach us through a funeral director. And then arrangement for a funeral will be developed. If you have any questions about this do please make contact with the clergy person most strongly linked with your parish.

    Funeral and Memorial Services
    These often take place with the parish church, but on other occasion may occur at the crematoria in Chelmsford or Colchester. The availability of the family, minister and funeral directors are key factors in deciding the time a service may take place.

    The initial contact with clergy is sometimes made directly by the family, but may happen through a funeral director. A minister then works with the family and funeral director to arrange the most appropriate day, time and location for a funeral service.

    It is a tough time and, and within the resources available, we hope to provide both support and Christian hope.

    An outline structure of a service is available through this link

    A form of service for a funeral Not all of the the church yards are open for burials. Those that are open have individual policies about burials. These policies are periodically reviewed.

    Gosfield/Greenstead Green Burial Policy

    Why not celebrate special wedding anniversaries, family occasions in church....