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God Loves a Cheerful Giver

We've raised £4,000 already towards our new facilities. Congratulations to everyone - it's a most encouraging start. Roll on the day when we have our kitchen and loo!

Catching Money for the Church!
But we also need to maintain and, in fact, increase the level of our giving for the Parish Share and the maintenance and repairs of our building. The reality is that, if parishes fail to pay all of their share every year, there will be fewer and fewer clergy. At the moment, the Halstead Area Team has three full time clergy and a curate. Imagine a future with perhaps two - or even one - priest and no curate.

At the moment it looks as if we have a shortfall of about £1500-£2000 in our 2007 Share, which means we might have to dip into our reserves to pay it. This is money which will then not be available to pay the costs of the building - a worrying situation, bearing in mind that the five yearly inspection of the church is due. We're trying to spend as little as possible on heating oil for the rest of this year in order to ease the financial problem!

The simple answer would be for every member of the Church to give an extra £30 over and above their usual giving before the end of 2007. But I know that there are people who are already giving sacrificially from an income which is perhaps not large. So the other simple answer would be for everyone who can afford it to give, say, an extrrra £60 in the next few weeks and please, if possible, to Gift Aid it! That really would help to put a smile back on the Treasurer's face!

Viv Brooks

This article is copied from the November 2007 Parish Magazine

How to Give...
Gift Aid Forms are at the back of the Church
Payments can be by cheque made out to St Andrew's Earls Colne or cash
For details of setting up standing orders please contact John Munson on 01787 224 631