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Funds raised for the Loo Appeal We are delighted by the efforts of the village in raising funds for the appeal - keep up the new ideas and please be in touch if we can help in any way.

Coin Mile Challenge is still being counted but estimates are at around £500
Disco at the Lion pub raised £300
After the Fire concert in December raised £500
Autumn Fair raised £700
Earls Colne Open Gardens raised nearly £700
Dorothy's birthday celebrations £200
Ann's sponsored glide raised £600
Sharon's coffee morning raised £102
Swallow Field progressive supper raised in excess of £170

The Appeal has now raised over £8500! - keep it coming...and share your ideas....

Now the ‘Loo Fund’ can benefit from your online shopping at no cost to you!

Huge numbers of online sites such as Amazon, Viking and Tesco (not grocery) will donate a percentage of your total shopping bill to your chosen charity. The best donations are from insurance companies which donate as much as £40 for new policies. So, next time you buy online please go through easyfundraising.org.uk

All you need to do is access your online shops through a designated website who will donate the percentage to St Andrew’s Church, Earls Colne.

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What do I have to do?
1. Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk
2. Register as a user selecting Church of St Andrew, Earls Colne as your chosen charity
3. Find the link to your chosen retailer in the listings
4. Start shopping, knowing you are benefiting the Loo Fund
5. Remember to add the site to your favorites and don’t forget to use it!

Please tell others…..

13th August 2007
Balloon Blog instalment 2

***First labels arrive back!***

Yesterday the first two labels arrived back and another one today. Many thanks to the senders, especially Dave who sent us a picture.

If you’d like to know where the balloons went:
Found on: From:

Dave Griffiths sent us the tag he found in Norfolk
16/08/07 Wetheringsett, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14, England
15/08/07 Harleston, Norfolk IP20, England
15/08/07 Rockland St Mary, Norwich, Norfolk NR14, England

This is about 60 miles to the North East. The wind was interesting the first day we set balloons off, some went straight up in the air, others got caught by the breeze and they went in this direction. The wind blows in different directions higher up, so we may get some surprises later. These balloons were headed towards the coast – will we see any back from Holland or Germany……or further afield? Watch this space.

Dear God,
Thank you for the kindness of strangers who are helping us with our race
May the sun shine on them (and the rain fall in sufficient quantity)
If you'd like to contribute to the Blog please email your words to

11th August - Cathy Hayes

Our church, St Andrew’s in Earl’s Colne, needs a toilet, and somewhere to make a cup of tea. Stand in our church and enjoy the beautiful light from the stained glass windows, say your prayers in the peace of a building which dates back a thousand years in places, but which stands locked and empty for most of the day, most days of the week.

Balloons to Launch the 'Loo' Appeal
We want it to be full of people who praise God and share their lives together, for there to be things happening all the time, so to start with, we need facilities. We have an architectural plan for one loo and a kitchen area – it will cost us £50,000 to build (cheap toilet, expensive drains that need to go through a very thick wall and across a church yard). So I had this idea at our Parochial Church Council meeting to hold a balloon race, and they said, “That’s a good idea, go out and do one”.

So, as the 4 Colnes Show was about to happen, we (me and the Sunday School Mums) took a cylinder of helium and we sold as many balloons as we could. Well…..I would have liked to take lots of cash to the Treasurer on Sunday and said, “Hah!!!”, “Here’s lots of money!”, but we all have to accept from time to time that God’s ideas and ours don’t always fit like planks, sometimes they fit more like jigsaw pieces. We sold 167 balloons, we have lots of gas left over. And I’m so not sending the gas tank back until it’s empty!

The prize is for the balloon that goes the furthest, not the balloon that goes the quickest. So, please will everyone from church take a handful of tickets and sell them. If there is anyone out there who would like to send me £1.50 or multiples thereof for a ticket, please do. Tell me what prayer you would like me to say for you (in addition to “Thank you God for generous unknown benefactors”). We will let any balloons we sell go after Sunday Service. Come and let you own balloon go on Sunday if you can.

Dear God
Thank you for a beautiful sunny afternoon to launch our facilities fund
Thank you for great company and lots of little children
Thank you for faith, which sees us through the trials of life